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Dangerous Goods Transportation

Knight Logistics Company (KLC) is a leading provider of logistics services for dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Since its inception in 2004, KLC has strived to provide the highest quality of customer service offered in the dangerous goods logistics industry. Client satisfaction always constitutes the primary benchmark of KLC’s performance.

KLC possesses extensive operational capabilities, sufficient to meet the demands of all clients. KLC’s logistics capacity comprises a wide range of services including dangerous goods transportation, packaging, packing, documentation, consultancy. KLC also has a truly international footprint; with an agent network covering 180 countries, KLC is well placed to deliver services globally.


Dangerous Goods Transportation


KLC is proficient in many classes of dangerous goods; gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic substances, corrosives and miscellaneous dangerous goods. Accordingly, KLC handle dangerous goods as varied as oil, gas, petro-products, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, acids, chemicals, fertilizers, engines, batteries and dry ice. KLC services institutions such as government departments and agencies, universities, and companies in industries including health and life sciences, chemicals, aeronautical, mining and resources, manufacturing and consumer commodities.

Dangerous Goods Transportation                     Dangerous Goods Transportation

KLC practices exceed the compliance requirements of multiple dangerous goods regulatory regimes at both the national and international levels. KLC staff are Dangerous Goods Certified and KLC’s shipments are subject to a strict checking system to ensure safety and total compliance with all legal requirements.

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Dangerous Goods Transportation

IATA Certified Staff: Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. Staff at KLC are Dangerous Goods Certified allowing our customers to have access to a team of people that understand Dangerous Goods Regulations. All Dangerous Goods shipments that KLC handle undergo Dangerous Goods Checking system to ensure that all shipments meet the required regulations. KLC are focused on servicing our customers with the highest level of customer service and dangerous goods knowledge.


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