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Air Freight Service

  • As an IATA cargo agency with DGR certified employees and periodically retrained by IATA, with the advantage of strategic locations in all major airports of Vietnam, Knight Logistics is specified in providing high standard air freight services with cost-effective solution for clients & partners.

  • Knight Logistics with widespread offices strategically located in all Vietnam major international airports of Hochiminh city, Hanoi and Danang, make sure that its  clients’ logistics needs in Vietnam is fulfilled wherever the shipment is to be delivered or picked up, even in the most remote locations of Vietnam. With such extensive network of offices we guarantee that Knight Logistics employee is always in the field whether it is warehouse, airport, Customs premise or client’s place and provide hands on care for each shipment.

  • Knight Logistics is covered by liability insurance inluding E&O policy upto USD 1 million by Lloyd’s, the world's leading insurance company. This is the reflection of our extraordinary strong commitment of quality & reliable services to our clients & partners. Moreover, to provide client with more options to hedge over the risk involved in transportation, Knight Logistics signed agency contracts with a variety of insurance company, offer cargo insurance.
  • Knight Logistics is a local freight forwarder and logistics services provider in Vietnam but with premium memberships in large networks such as PFI, WCA, JC Trans and GenSFN, we for long developed a global vision and international standards for smooth partnerships with satisfaction to overseas clients and partners.
  • Outstanding with normal airfreight and DG cargo, Knight Logistics is also excellent at live animal transportation with experience in handling a variety of live animal such as asiatic softshell turtle, sea lions, long-tailed monkeys, etc. Perishable goods with notable fruits such as avocado, lemon, mango, etc. also is part of our portfolio.

  • As an IATA cargo agency, Knight Logistics' services upto international standards. Taking part in CASS, Knight Logistics has an edge to contract with a wide variety of airlines, to name a few: Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Turkish Air Cargo, Cargo Lux, Etihad Airways, Eva Air, etc.
  • As a complementary service to Air freight, Knight Logistics, with licensed in-house Customs brokerage agent, offer full range of consulting and Customs handling services such as clearance for shipments of personal effects, exhibition cargo, transshipment from/to Cambodia, diplomatic cargo, lumpsum DDP, importer of record (IOR), etc.

  • With staff who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Knight Logistics Customer service team provide personal touch dedication to serve our clients.
  • Beside traditional Air freight, Knight Logistics also provide Courier / Express services with good rates based on Fedex, TNT, DHL, UPS services.



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